Small Businesses, Meet your Software

Start or Grow your Service business with all the best tools

Small Businesses, Meet your Software

Build or grow your Service Business with all the best tools

Why Choose Ignition?

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Built by Service pros, Ignition is the Easy-to-Use Management Software which helps your employees and whole business run smoothly

You can enjoy the all-in-one simplicity while benefiting from the advanced systems your larger competitors already enjoy.

Fully Loaded


Field Management

Billing & Payments

GPS Tracking

Built on the SPARC method, Ignition is built from the ground up to be simple and powerful

Easy to Use

Simple User Experience
Like using your Favorite Phone Apps
Helps you enter data

All Information at your Fingertips

No more paper slips and notes.
Access from anywhere
Everything is easy to find

Satisfy your Customers

Cement Customer relationships
Customers can review and pay bills
Customer have a full visit record
Easy Customer Service

Dashboards & Inboxes

Every employee gets an easy way to track their incoming work and complete their tasks effectively and productively.

Makes work easier

Easily create a record of all visits
Easily create and send invoice
Easier to get paid.

Syncs with Quickbooks

Sync all your invoices, payments and other accounting information seamlessly into Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop.

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Best Business Practices ensure your Business runs while you focus on your Trade and Customers

Ignition is an easy-to-use, complete software solution that makes every part of your business flow more freely with less errors and more satisfied customers, making work easier and more fun for everyone
John Thornton

"It was a life changing move!"

We've been running Ignition for all of 2019 and have seen massive benefits for technicians, for the dispatcher, for our accounting and most importantly for our Customers.

I started running my business with a combination of different tools that were not integrated. Emails, texts, different apps for payment, sometimes cash,  paper print receipts and invoices. I got pretty creative at it and I was loving it. I actually felt very proud of my accomplishment and growth until I started growing to about five employees. 

Things were getting a little more messy and I started to see problems coming. At some point I was dedicating a lot of my time on scheduling, invoicing, communication and staff management. It was the little details that was bogging down my business and taking a lot of my time. 

A friend of mine recommended me to look into a software management. I was a little skeptical at the beginning, I´m kind of an old fashion person. But eventually I gave it a try.

It was a life changing move.  My time just opened up, my business grew up to 40 employees and I was able to even move out to a different state where I could still run my business remotely. 

Through the software I’m connected to a platform that runs my entire business by combining simple software with a mobile app, so every visit is verified with the real-time certainty of on-site mobile check-ins. Staff schedules are immediately updated and easy to access.  Invoicing is automated with optional credit card processing.

My Staff can focus on delivering the best service, I can focus on my vision and most importantly my clients are happy. 

It's easy to get started

When you sign up for Ignition, we assign you a personal Product Specialist

We will walk you through the software step-by-step. We take pride in helping our Clients improve their business process to increase Customer loyalty and profits.